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Renewable Energy System Design and Consulting (solar, wind, hydro)

Complete Installation Services with Turnkey Systems and Training

Site planning & engineering

Ecotourism, Green Communities, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential

Large-Scale Uninterruptible Backup power (including Disaster Preparedness)

High-Efficiency Appliances

Biological Waste Treatment Systems

Power Quality Enhancement

Whole Systems Integration

Utility Intertie with Renewable Energy

Project Financing

Project Feasibility and Financing

Objective: To review overall objectives and design criteria to determine if job is feasible within physical and financial parameters.
  • Meet with principals and/or management
  • Collect data and research
  • Identify additional information needs
  • Review research
  • Evaluate payback period and ROI
  • Define financial parameters
  • Define site feasibility
  • Transmit information to client and obtain consensus on findings

Planning and Design

Objective: To develop a time line and cost basis for the completion of the project and to assemble the project management team who will execute the project.

  • Budget and schedule review
  • Energy load analysis and review
  • Materials and product list for procurement
  • Management presentation
  • Sign off on project going forward

Construction Financing

Objective: To work with several financial institutions that are in a position to finance viable projects. In addition, our Feasibility Study services can be instrumental in assisting you to obtain financing through your own channels or attracting investors.

  • Financing can be secured for the entire project or for just the energy system.

Energy System Procurement

Objective: To make it easier on you and assure that you get the right product at the right time for the right price. We have good relationships with virtually every renewable energy equipment manufacturer on the planet.

  • Our long-standing buying power earns us and you the most favorable prices, preferential shipping, and excellent service.
  • Because of our multiple vendors you get the best product and price for your application.

Training on Operation and Maintenance

Vast experience and the knowledge it develops is our most valuable asset we excel at transferring this through our training of you and staff on the operation and maintenance of your facility and equipment.

  • You will be provided with check lists and maintenance logs as well as our ever-present phone support
  • If you want us to take care of everything, a maintenance contract can be provided.

"For over 30 years - Using the Power of Nature to change the Nature of Power"

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