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Our Mission is to help you create an energy infrastructure that is economically, environmentally, and culturally sustainable.

Our Goal is to reach beyond sustainability and achieve true Regeneration for the planet and cultures.

[ABOUT Regenerative SOLutions]
    Regenerative SOLutions was launched to build upon our vast experience in electrifying ecotourism resorts and in consulting with the commercial sector as well as large off-grid energy systems all over the world.

    Jeff Oldham, Owner has developed into the “market leader” in the ecotourism industry, which consists of hotels and “Ecolodges” generally a distance from existing grid power, where renewable energy presents the only economical option to costly line extensions or loud, polluting, and expensive fossil fuel–powered generators. Jeff pioneered the world’s first high profile Ecolodge—"Harmony" in 1992 in Maho Bay, U.S. Virgin Islands, where a hybrid PV/wind system continues to provide reliable power, surviving both Hurricanes Hugo and Marilyn. Many other high-profile jobs have been completed in Latin America from a 100kW solar resort project in Belize (the largest PV system in Latin America) to village power in Brazil.

    We have assembled many of the world’s leading experts in renewable energy, architecture, community planning and sustainability into an effective and productive team capable of implementing these concepts worldwide. Our services begin with site assessment, planning, and frequent involvement with architectural design. Our specialty is designing sustainable infrastrutures utilizing renewable energy (solar, wind, and hydroelectric) system design, supply, installation, training, and maintenance. Customers who embrace high efficiency and renewable energy are rewarded with lower operating costs, high reliability, and diminished impact on the world’s scarce resources while increasing market appeal. Our hundreds of clients have ranged from mountaineers to the White House and the Vatican and we always provide the individual service that each project demands.

   Jeff has been living off-the-grid with Hydro, Wind, and Solar Power while providing clean, reliable, renewable energy to people all over the planet for Thirty years. He worked as Lead Technician for Real Goods for Eighteen years Where he established the Design and consulting Group, this was preceded by Ten years of industrial and commercial electrcal contracting. If you have a facility where utility power is unavailable or of poor quality, or if you would like to minimize your environmental impact, consider our resources.

"For over 30 years - Using the Power of Nature to change the Nature of Power"

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